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"Dunrite is ace - everybody from the foiks you talk to on the phone, to the job estimator and the guys who fixed the rot we had under the eave of our house.  They are fast, they are good at their work and they are pleasant to work with. I highly recommend this company for their excellent work." - Mary Dooley

" High quality work. Knowledgeable, highly skilled staff. Focused on making sure the customer is satisfied. Prices are reasonable -- you get a good value for your money.

Sonja (owner) is responsive to emails. Joe (who oversaw our project) is knowledgeable, communicates well, and remembers details. He stays on top of things in an impressive manner.

We hired Dunrite to repair dry rot at our back door and windows. The dry rot had gone deep enough that I couldn't repair it myself. They completely replaced the back door and framing/molding (because dry rot hat penetrated the door itself, as well as the molding around the door), and replaced the rotted window molding, for the same price another company was going to charge just to replace the molding.

The crew working on the door and windows basically insisted on perfection (in a good way). They made sure the door was perfectly balanced and opened/closed smoothly. We always had to shove our old door; the new one operates beautifully.

The work was done very quickly -- less than two days for the door and windows. They patched and painted the interior and exterior walls and trim (some damage is inevitable with a big job like this), cleaned the floor to remove any sawdust, and cleaned up after themselves outside. The door and windows look better now than they did when we bought the house 10 years ago.

We had been saving up for years to install tile in the laundry and bathroom, so while Dunrite was here, we contracted for that as well. This work was also done beautifully. It took roughly two days each for each room. The bathroom was a challenge because the walls are not perfectly square, but they took extra time to make sure the tiles looked right before installing. They communicated frequently with us to make sure we were satisfied. In addition to installing the tile, Dunrite installed a new counter and vanity, mirror, and light fixture, and replaced the wooden shoe molding with PVC to prevent mildew and rot. I noticed a couple of rookie errors by a younger member of their crew, but they are easy to fix. Dunrite is coming back late this week to address those problems. I will update my review at that point.

I should mention that Dunrite went beyond the contracted work. Joe noticed that the dryer vent was improperly installed -- I hadn't noticed, because it's shoved against the wall and I hadn't supervised Sears when they delivered the dryer -- so he is returning later this week to address that. And when patching and painting the walls in the bathroom and laundry, they went ahead and painted some spots that we (not they) had scuffed in normal daily use. " - Scott Windham

 "No complaints here. I hired Dunrite for repairing extensive amounts of wood rot, replacing my front door and making a few bathroom modifications (adding tile, replacing a faucet and mounting a new shower head). The estimate was very detailed so I knew what to expect. The office stayed in touch and was great about answering my questions and providing me with their certificates of insurance. The techs were professional and skilled. When they found additional areas of rot, they contacted me before moving forward. The entire project took about two weeks to complete but they tidied up and covered the supplies with a tarp daily. The pricing was fair and when my door swelled with the changing weather, they came out immediately to make the required adjustment. I’ll be referring them to others." - Michael Hertzel


Angie's List Reviews

 " We have hired Dunrite Home Maintenance three times so far. They fixed our patio door so it would slide better by doing repair on the track and replacing the wheels. They fixed several doors in our house that were sticking or hard to lock. I hired them to do a partial demolition in our kitchen which included removing countertops, backsplashes, gas cooktop and kitchen sink. Their work has been excellent every time and I will continue to use them for projects at my home. " - The Castleberry's

"Our various projects went very well!! Dunrite staff are all very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, punctual and helpful. Their services, quality workmanship and demeanor were very helpful and much appreciated in getting our house ready to go on the market for sale. I readily and gladly recommend Dunrite for home repair work!!" The Hutchersons

 "My wife and I could not possibly be happier with the service, quality of work, professionalism, and friendliness of the crew from Dunrite (and Terri, with whom I spoke on the phone). They were organized, efficient, checked with me throughout the process of performing the repairs and paid meticulous attention to detail with their work. And when they were done, the areas in which they had been working were even a little cleaner than before they started! I would without hesitation hire them again, and am fully intending to do so in the near future." - The Pyne's

" Dunrite was fairly priced and very reasonable. They were professional and prompt. We will definitely
use them again should a need arise for any type of home maintenance/repairs and we highly
recommend them to others." - The Rudey's


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 "Dunrite Home Maintenance, quite simply, is THE BEST. Before I discovered Dunrite in 2010, I’d already (over 15 years) sampled at least a dozen highly-recommended sources of
home maintenance. Then Joe and his team came along and exceeded even my way highest expectations. They excel with competence, reliability, pricing, and service orientation. From figuring out the origin of my home’s mystery noise (eluded 3 others including a Raleigh general contractor) to fixing an “unfixable” door, I depend on them. I appreciate their professionalism, consistency and efficiency -- I appreciate that they, indeed, do it RIGHT!" - Mary Jane Kagarise

" We first learned about Dunrite Home Maintenance from a friend. Boy were they right! We have used Dunrite for repair and maintenance of a 2nd floor deck, re-grouting of our master bath and last but not least, the repairs from a frozen pipe in our garage from ridiculously cold weather here in NC. The garage work was by far the most extensive to date. They had to cut holes in the walls and ceiling to make sure everything dried well, and then fix those walls and repaint the whole thing. (Luckily for us the damage was limited to the garage so there was no flooring damage!) Not only is the repair work excellent, but the staff is friendly and prompt. Dunrite is our go-to for home maintenance. - Rebecca Manitsas

  "Dunrite did a great job for me. I had a project where I was not sure exactly what I wanted but they worked with me to get the details worked out on the very day they were working on it. The end result was a ramp for our deck that is greatly loved by my 94 year old Mother. She can use it in her wheelchair and her walker. If she is having a good day then she can even walk it standing up (with help and using the handrails). I have already scheduled Dunrite to perform additional work. I recommend them highly. - Vernon Rose